MULLIGAN-dag alléén voor CMP-ers

Yuval david versie 2

Wij organiseren woensdag 14 maart 2018 een speciale Herhalingsdag, die alléén toegankelijk is voor onze Certified Mulligan Practitioners.

Op deze Herhalingsdag is er in de ochtend een programma in het teken van updates, verfijnen, verdiepen en kennis delen, in de middag is er een workshop van Yuval David, (uit Israel). 
Titel:  Adding Muscle Contraction to Mobilisation with Movement.

Speciale CMP-prijs: €195,--

Locatie: Hotel Vught
Tijd: 09.00 - 16.30 uur
Docenten: Yuval David, René Claassen, Peter van Dalen

More information on the workshop:

There is a growing base of evidence that an important part of the efficacy of MWM lays on its effect on muscle function, and muscle recruitment. It has been suggested that part of the effect of MWMs is its effect on motor learning.

Using Musle contraction to modify symptoms, reduce pain improve range of motion and function has been previously described mainly in complains related to the low back, schoulder and the patellofemoral joint.

Combining MWMs with contraction with movement (CWM) to allow pain free movements is one way of increasing the immediate as well as the long lasting effect and movement memory of the MULLIGAN Concepts. This is applicable in all musculoskeletal complains and especially in sports where participants are required to perform in high loads.

This presentation will concentrate on use of shoulder/cervical muscles in the upper quadrant and hip/pelvic musle in the lower quadrant.

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